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5 Great Sacramento Suburbs to Raise a Family

2099447856_d103404620_bLiving on the West Coast of the United States is a dream shared by many people, but not everyone can afford the cost of living there. Living a little further inland in Sacramento is far more affordable and provides your family with an enviable location and lifestyle. When the day comes to relocate here, the team at Roseville Van and Storage will be more than happy to help you set up home.

In the meantime, our team of Roseville movers has selected 5 great Sacramento suburbs for you to consider as your future home.


With a population of 71,000, Folsom is one of the more populous suburbs of Sacramento. The median home price here is $400,000, but there are also plenty of homes here retailing for $200,000. This is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States, and, even better, it’s just a 25-minute commute to Sacramento. If you want to test the waters here by renting first, you can expect to pay around $1,900 per month.

The city has a very low crime rate, one of the lowest in the country. In terms of family life, it has a very high number of amenities, such as shops, libraries, and schools. The Folsom Lake Recreation area offers lots of opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Education is courtesy of excellent schools such as Vista Del Lago High School, Theodore Judah Elementary School, and the Empire Oaks Elementary School.


Anyone interested in living in Davis, located in Yolo County, can expect to pay around $500,000 for the privilege. Monthly rents here average out at about $1,800, which is lower than average for this part of the world. Davis is located very close to Sacramento, requiring just a 15-mile drive for daily commuters to get to the state capital.

Other reasons for living here include an excellent education system, the proof of this being that UC Davis is located here. Other schools worthy of mention are Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School, North Davis Elementary School and the Davis School for Independent Study. The amenities here are clear indicators that this is a family-oriented city, and with the lowest crime rate in the state, you’ll know your family is always safe.


Roseville has a special place in our heart because our business is located here. But we love Roseville for lots of other reasons. It has best weather California has to offer. In fact, the weather is so great here we have a gigantic water park to ensure everyone can stay cool during the summer months.

The median home price in Roseville is in the region of $370,000, with median rents coming in at around $1,800 per month. The overall quality of life here is very high, with most families enjoying an average income of $92,000 per household.

Roseville has 28 public schools, 13 private schools and is located just 36 minutes from downtown Sacramento. 119,000 people reside in Roseville, but there’s more than enough space for newcomers – you’ll find a warm welcome awaiting you.

Granite Bay

There are two important things you need to know about Granite Bay. The first of these is that there are just 22,000 living here. The second is that the lower population density is due to the fact that this is one of the more exclusive places to relocate to in Sacramento. The median home price here is is $640,000, backed up by a median household income of $132,000. These home prices and income levels are obviously well above state and national averages, but the exclusive nature of Granite Bay means your entire family gets to enjoy an enviable quality of life.

Education is catered by excellent schools, such as Oakhills Elementary school, Greenhills Elementary School and Del Oro High School. Granite Bay has fewer available amenities than other suburbs of Sacramento, but everything you need is just a short drive away. Relocating to Granite Bay puts you within a 45-minute commute to Sacramento, so you get the best possible combination of a peaceful life, but within reach of your state capital.


This suburb is home to 57,000 people. Despite the close-to-average population density for a California suburb, crime is almost non-existent here. Families living in Rocklin typically average $96,000 in household income for owner occupiers, and slightly less than that for renter occupiers. You’ll need a budget of roughly $300,000 to purchase a home here, and rents are also slightly higher than the local average, coming in at $2,000 per month.

To balance the slightly higher cost of living, there are huge number of amenities available to residents of Rocklin – you’re never more than a few minutes away from a grocery store, library, school, or restaurant. Rocklin also features some of the best schools in the state, with notable mentions going to Granite Oaks Middle School and Rocklin High School. There’s a 27-mile commute each way to downtown Sacramento, for those of you considering commuting.






5 Great Eats in Roseville, CA You Need To Try

You already know Roseville has plenty to offer any family living here or considering relocating here. The many amenities are part of what makes Roseville such a great city. There are lots of great restaurants for you and your family to dine at.

To help make your night out a little easier, we’ve put together a quick guide to the 5 best restaurants in Roseville – we’re sure you’ll find at least one that has you salivating at the thoughts of their menu choices.

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant

This very busy restaurant is located on Eureka Road and offers an eclectic sushi dining experience for locals and visitors alike. The Mikuni chain of restaurants was co-founded by Taro Arai, an incredible entrepreneur who, as a child, saved money from his paper route to move his family to America.

There are so many different types of sushi rolls to choose from that you’ll quickly lose count. As we’ve already mentioned, this is a busy restaurant, so if you make a reservation please make sure you arrive on time.

In terms of what it costs to dine here, it is more expensive than other sushi restaurants in the area, but it’s worth every additional cent – you won’t find a better sushi joint anywhere in Sacramento. Mikuni restaurants also operate a reward card program, so you can earn points while enjoying a great night out.

Four Sisters Café

This comfortable yet quirky café opened in 2012. Four sisters who have decades of experience in the restaurant industry created the café, so it’s not just a clever name. Even though this café has only been open for a few years, it has quickly become a favorite with locals in search of the best breakfast in Roseville. That’s not just an idle boast, and once you try their amazing waffles or bacon and sausage “man cakes”, you’ll be nodding in agreement, too.

The Four Sisters Café opens each day from 6:30am until 3.00pm, so its sole function is to serve customers an unforgettable breakfast or lunch. This is homely food prepared by professionals, and there are lots to choose from on their menu. If you’d like to try an incredible breakfast, served with a genuine smile, then please check this place out.

Fat’s Asia Bistro Roseville

This bistro has been a firm favorite with the people of Roseville and the surrounding area for almost fifty years now. The food on offer is the very best of Asian and American, served in an atmosphere so welcoming you won’t forget it in a hurry.

Fat’s is a family-owned chain of restaurants, but guests are made to feel so special here you won’t realize that Fat’s exists anywhere else on the planet. Diners will always recommend the seafood dishes, but don’t limit yourself to just those. The ‘Happy Hour’ menu gives you a chance to satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. Lunch is served from 11am – 4pm, Monday to Sunday, and dinner is served from 4pm each day.

Il Fornaio

Want the most authentic Italian dining experience outside of flying several thousand miles to Italy? Well, you’re going to fall in love with the food on offer at Il Fornaio. When you eat here you get the efficiency of a chain restaurant with the service and friendliness you would associate with a family-run business.

You also get the very best Italian dishes served in a comfortable setting, complemented by a great selection of wine. Il Fornaio offers its guests a full range of dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Special events at Il Fornaio include the monthly Festa Regionale, where guests enjoy dishes from different regions of Italy, plus the pizza here is always a special event – one taste and you’ll be hooked for life. Expect to pay around $100 for a meal for two, plus drinks, but the service and food are so good you’ll probably spend more.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

In 1965 a Louisiana mother of two bought a closed down steak house in the hope of making enough money to send her sons to college. Several years later, Ruth Fertel’s hard work paid off to the extent that she now owned several steak houses.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House obviously has a fantastic range of steaks, but there are some truly mouth-watering seafood appetizers and sides available, too. Combined with a range of delicious deserts and wholesome soups, you’re set for a dining experience your stomach will thank you for.

Something else people love about Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Roseville is that it’s spacious – you never feel crowded while eating. You’ll never regret visiting Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Roseville – it offers a level of service you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.


This guide to dining out in Roseville was brought to you by the team at Roseville Van and Storage – the smart choice when it comes to choosing Roseville movers for all your relocation needs in the Sacramento area.





Rocklin CA

Rocklin, CA Built By Gold – A Brief History of the Town

Rocklin, California, like many small towns in California, owes its existence to gold. But our town’s history is so much more than just gold. Here’s a brief history of Rocklin, CA.

Early History

Prior to the California Gold Rush in the 1800s, Native Americans had populated the region around Rocklin, California, for centuries. The Rocklin area was filled with groves of oak trees and gentle hills filled with grassy valleys. The land was rich with game and Native Americans also harvested acorns, pine nuts, berries, and other plants native to the region.

The Gold Rush

The immediate area around Rocklin, California, wasn’t rich with gold. However, many gold miners traveled through the Rocklin area to reach the gold mines east of Sacramento. During the Gold Rush years of 1849 and 1850, Rocklin became a profitable way-stop for early traders looking to sell goods and services to prospectors.

Rocklin CA

The Post Gold Rush “Granite Rush”

By the time the Gold Rush had slowed down, men in the region were looking for a new business venture. In 1860, one local entrepreneur named Mr. Hathaway decided to open a quarry.

Hathaway realized that granite blocks were going to be needed to build the California State Capitol in Sacramento. He also knew that there were large granite boulders lying above ground all around Rocklin. In fact, Rocklin was built on one massive granite slab.

Mr. Hathaway built his first quarry next to a place many Rocklin residents are still familiar with today. The first quarry lay next to the large outcropping of granite you can still see today along the west side of Pacific Street (specifically, at the intersection with Ruhkala Road). Granite from this quarry made up some of the base layers of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

Prior to Mr. Hathaway’s capitol construction plan, the earliest reporting of granite quarrying in Rocklin took place in 1855, when an order of granite was shipped from Rocklin to Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Rock Land Becomes Rocklin

If you’ve been paying attention, then you may have already guessed where the name “Rocklin” comes from.

The land around modern Rockland was filled with granite boulders. People in the region decided to call it “Rock Land” due to the extensive rock outcroppings and large quarrying activities. Over time, many believe this name was “corrupted” to Rocklin – possibly by Finnish immigrants (Rocklin translates to “Rockland” in Finnish).

Rocklin CA

1864 – The Central Pacific Railroad Joins Rocklin

In 1864, Rocklin became a little closer to the rest of the world when the Central Pacific Railroad arrived in town. This gave residents and businesspeople an immediate link with the outside world.

Predictably enough, Rocklin’s first railway shipment was an order of granite. Railway transit gave local quarries an opportunity to bring their granite to market more easily.

A burgeoning economy expedited the growth of Rocklin over the next few decades. By the turn of the century, the entire west side of Front Street or 1st Street was a solid row of business buildings. The town was also home to a Masonic Lodge, a Temperance Society, a butcher shop, an icehouse, and many other businesses.

Between 1890 and 1910, the town’s population held steady at around 1,000 people.

1920s to 1940s: The Decline of Rocklin

Between 1900 and 1920, Rocklin started a long and slow decline in population and economic activity.

Many residents moved north to Roseville, which was close enough to avoid changing jobs but far enough that it was closer to the junction of the Oregon line.

Homes in Rocklin soon became so worthless that residents burned their homes just to collect the insurance money. The population dropped substantially. In 1920, Rocklin hit a historically low population of 643.

In the 1920s, numerous quarries closed due to lack of business as well as a stonecutter’s strike. By 1928, only seven quarries remained.

The train stopped visiting Rocklin in 1932. By 1938, the railroad depot was used so infrequently that the railroad depot was torn down.

Granite mining officially ended in Rocklin in 2004.

Modern Rocklin:

As of the 2010 census, Rocklin was home to 56,974 (estimated 60,344 in 2014). The economy is more diversified today, with companies like SMA Solar Technology AG manufacturing solar inverters in the region.

Roseville Van and Storage can help you move to or from Rocklin–wherever you need to go. With a nationwide network of resources available, Roseville Van and Storage is your local company with global connections.

Source: “History of Rocklin California” by Roy Ruhkala (1974)